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Itty Bitty Buddy muse


About the Author

My extended family and I were traveling to Monte Cristo, a historic mining site in Washington, for a day of hiking. Mary, my mom-in-law, mentioned our cat, whom she called Itty Bitty Buddy.  That was the birth of the Itty Bitty Buddy persona.  Buddy had solid, silky black fur, a long tail, and notable fangs.  His sister, Sadie kept him in check as she dominated the house.  After her passing to kitty heaven, Buddy mourned.  Eventually, he emerged as the confident man of the household.  He expressed his love for us, learned to enjoy playtime, performed his job as a country cat, and established his favorite sunning spot in the garden.

When my daughter was 2 or 3 years old, we started a new tradition of telling Itty Bitty Buddy stories in the round.  The stories always started with "Once upon a dark and stormy, there sat a kitty looking so forlornly..."

My daughter is now an adult and I'm looking forward to the retirement phase of my life -- retirement with Itty Bitty Buddy's series.  Though he is now a loving memory in my heart and at his favorite spot in my garden, Buddy will always be the best cat in the world.  I say that with confidence, being a cat person (and a dog person) for more than... let's just say many years.

I hope you'll enjoy this series that is designed to offer bedtime stories, guaranteed to bring only good, fun dreams and to inspire adventure and learning.  My years of motherhood and my creative spirit help me guide Itty Bitty Buddy through serious issues that might seem boring or mature for young readers. However, these issues are handled appropriately and often involve a strong dose of hilariousness.  Moms and dads might give in to a giggle or two while reading to the kiddos.  The idea is to open the mind to possibilities and to fall in love with a good-natured, old kitty soul.

Thank you for stopping by.

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