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A New Year Brings Inspiration

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time for the Itty Bitty Buddy family. We wake with excitement on January 1 and roll up our sleeves.

The first day of the year is a time for us to dream about tomorrow, to make plans, and to design a path. Of course, we do get sidetracked.

Instead of all that dreaming fun, I'm thinking of bugs! Truly, bugs!

Like I continue to give lost kitties a comfortable home, I want to give bugs a cozy home. Enter the "Bug Hotel". We are crafting our first hotel as a test to learn what our local critters want and need.

Maybe their stories will meet up with Itty Bitty Buddy stories. If nothing else, they might pop up here from time to time.

Welcome, 2022! I'm dubbing you the year of the bug.

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