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An Itty Sneaky Peek Just for You

The carriage arrived at the cliff’s edge just as a sparkling, purple lightning bolt struck and slashed through the ground in the shape of a completely formed spider web. The horses stamped out the embers of charred earth while the crowd of villagers cheered to the carriage. Itty Bitty Buddy emerged from the carriage and walked directly toward the storm and the cliff’s edge. He scanned the storm clouds, squinting his eyes into the rain that pelted him from all directions — downward, upward, horizontally, and also in zigzagged patterns. The winds swirled around him, flipping his cloak to the right, to the left, over his head, and then straight out behind him. The winds tied his cloak into a knot and then released it. The gusts perfectly pleated then perfectly unpleated his cloak like an accordion. They twisted it tightly and wrung it dry only for the rain to soak it thoroughly again. Eventually, Itty Bitty Buddy nodded and turned to face the crowd. “Nothing to be concerned with. Return to your homes and feel safe in your beds tonight. No harm will come from this storm.” ~Episode 1 -- An Itty Bitty Vampire Cat

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