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My Favorite ... Autumn

I think if I had a choice, I'd live in Autumn. This likely stems from my childhood in the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Such a treat and a gift to run freely through the deciduous forests as the leaves changed from gentle green to intoxicating jewel tones of gold, orange, mauve, and red. The aroma and crinkle of the leaves as we waded through piles collected by our parents. There was nothing more precious than falling into the soft mountains, allowing the leaves to explode over you before the snow of winter took over.

And then, the night of all nights! Halloween. Changing to a new persona or creature, haunting dark streets, and hoping that your sweets outnumbered your scares.

These are the memories from which Itty Bitty Buddy lives. Soon, my dear reader, he will return with more adventures, challenges, and friends. The next Halloween launch is creeping closer to deliver the very best treat of the year.

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