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Tipsy Topsy

It is a tipsy-topsy world that we live in. Many things and events are changing the world. It is happening so fast and yet, many of us can only see it from our home.

I think of Itty Bitty Buddy, sitting in his castle with only a handful of his friends. They wear masks and sit in opposite corners of rooms. Maybe they share meals while stationed at tv-trays, and they have dance celebrations by playing music loudly while everyone dances in their own room. I'm certain Itty Bitty Buddy and the rats, in turn, are crafting new culinary delights.

All the while, the forest frogs tell the news of the day. Is the news correct or do the frogs make it up? Maybe both?

Soon, Itty Bitty Buddy and his friends will find a new way to share friendship and adventures. Until then, like you and me, they'll shelter at home, finding new ways to pass the time. After all, time at home with his vast library of family recipes, stationed at his writing desk is Itty Bitty Buddy's long-held dream.

Stay well, stay safe, tell good stories, and share moments of joy.

~ Kim (the author) and Itty Bitty Buddy (the 3-inch tall vampire kitty)

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